Aung Myat Moe

I’m Aung Myat Moe. I live in Letpadan, where I learn and develop for future.

Letpadan is a small town where I grew up and had a buck of childhood memories. After I got my hands wet with Javascript, I soon discovered my passion was programming while hacking on some VPNs with Bash back in 2018.

I have over 4.6 years of experience as a web developer and love working with Laravel, Vue, React, Next, and other hip frameworks. I have experience in developing web services.

I enjoy building elegant, interactive effect heavy javascript applications with an eye on animated content. In my spare time, I fancy playing football with my mates. Every once in a while, I tend to explore catching-edge technologies.

Aside from work, I’ve worked on little projects over the years. Many of them are open-source. Hence, you can check out and contribute the code if you see any matters and ideas about how it should be enhanced and maintained.